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One Man is No Man (or woman!).  If you have had this issue and want to join the fight to get Nissan to perform a recall on their faulty steering locks on the 2009 Nissan Altima please sign this petition.  Thanks to everyone who help spread the word by joining this petition!



129 thoughts on “Join the fight

  1. Here we are on a cold rainy night in Wisconsin and we get in our car and it won’t start and as it turns out the steering wheel lock system has failed and it’s not under a recall. I can share this with you if nissan does not change this policy ASAP I will share my story all over social media and will guarantee them that we will never purchase another nissan

    • Same thing happened to me..Nissan needs to recall these and not leave their customers stranded because you cannot start the Altima…have it get it towed for a very expensive repair that was defective when installed when the car was assembled.

  2. Problem is the 6 years is up. On my car it was 6 years 3 months. The other problem is each dealership can charge whatever they want, my bill was 1300. Other problem is Nissan doesn’t give a crap about it. They know the problem and just say sorry. They absorb part of the cost and only charge 300 instead of the outrageous price I paid. I have bought 4 Nissans in my life….never again. Done with them

  3. I drove my 2009 Nissan Altima to work in the morning (72,000 miles) and when I went to leave work, my car wouldn’t start. The brake pedal was extremely hard to press and there was a key light illuminated on the dash. The push button start stayed on lock and nothing that was done to the vehicle – new battery in the key fob, NEW CAR BATTERY, following all steps in the manual, nothing worked. I called the dealership service department and was told by the technician that it “might” be the steering column lock out device and that I needed to have my vehicle towed to the dealership and they would take a look. He also stated that he had just repaired one a few days prior to my call and had fixed other vehicles previously. I asked him the cost and he told me $800.00 to $1200.00 plus the tow bill. Evidently Nissan doesn’t care about it’s customers because when I checked out on the internet about the problem it turns out that there are hundreds of Nissan owners with the same problem. NISSAN KNOWS ABOUT THIS PROBLEM AND WILL NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! No recall and then they extended the warranty but didn’t bother to let people know about it and so the warranty expired. No more Nissan’s for me and I will absolutely let everyone know just how I feel about Nissans!

  4. Barry Mine just went out $1,300 ay dealer to replace. No disvount. I dont blame dealer. Problem is Nissan. 1st problem I have had with car though. Will sell at 120,000 miles when CVT warranty expires

    • On Nov 15, 2016 I experienced the same problem. I am disappointed as I have always been pleased with my Altima and previous Maxima. I have 62,000 miles on Altima and have spent $4400.00 + in the past 5 months. I spent $1038. on the steering lock. This is dangerous, if I had been in a rural area or it was evening this could have turned out different. When I called the dealership they diagnosed over phone. The service person thought there could be a recall on it. It turned out he was wrong. This is the second fluke with this car.I was told the problems in July and now were corrected years ago. A recall should have been sent out! Nissan no longer rates high with consumer reports. With a perfectly maintained car and low mileage I never expected all of this.

  5. I’m disgusted that so many Nissan Altima owners have had this dangerous problem with their vehicle and Nissan does nothing about it but charge $600 for a $50 part plus tack on $400 in fees. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE NOR RECOMMEND A NISSAN TO ANYONE! Luckily I was stranded at a mall, I can’t image if I was in a horrible area and this happened.

  6. This happened to be me. It seems a recall should have been done due to the known problem. It cost me $1100 to get this fixed. Nissan dealer knew of it inmediately cause it happens so Often. Tow truck driver said mine was third 2009 Nissan of the week with this same problem. What a joke that this has been allowed to happen when the piece is known to be faulty.

  7. My vehicle steering wheel lock switch went & left me stuck over the weekend with no solution. Nissan wants $145 just to look at it then can cost me anywhere from $900 up, this is a safety issue and a recall should be issued for this issue.

  8. There are not words to describe how dishonest and unethical Nissan is, knowing they built these cars with a defective part and choosing to abandon consumers. I will never own another Nissan.

  9. Does Nissan have feedback on this problem, besides what dealers say. The dealer diagnosed my problem right over the phone while stranded in a empty parking lot. It has been common with 2009 Altima and Maxima.

  10. I have an 2009 Nissan Maxima Steetring lock Mechanism went out. Had the Maxima towed to the nissan show they analyze it now it will cost $1467.78 to get it fix.
    Sent in my vin number to show I on the car. They call me yesterday to tell me that will not fix it .
    # 1-615-725-7130 this should be an recall on the Steering Lock Mechanism.for 2009 Nissan

  11. I don’t care the 6 yrs are up. Nissan should have recalled. Now I am sure they don’t care. Many have new cars and have sold there 2009. Unfortunately, bad news travels faster than good news. I was a loyal customer and have had a few Nissans and will not make that mistake again. Does anyone know the year they fixed problem?

  12. This just happened to our 2009 Nissan Altima. We changed both the fob and car batteries on Monday, it ran two days then wouldn’t start on Wed night. I called the dealer today and was told it’s the steering lock and it’s going to cost about $1,000 to get it fixed after I pay to have it towed to another town where the dealer is located…ugh!! Merry Christmas! Definitely should have a recall coverage by the dealer for this. Just grateful we didn’t get stranded somewhere. Looks like the petition expired, so please keep me in the loop on any action and recourse for customers.

      • just happen to my 09 Altima , same thing had it towed to for them just to say 1200 and walk away. then dude had the nerve to throw out a youtube video to try to fix for nothing? lol what a mess, this should be recalled for lifetime. this shouldn’t have happen. How do We get this petition back and going

  13. Make sure you file a complaint with the three other organizations because they have to authority to make it a recall…Call the Nissan headquarters and make sure they know that it is still a common problem with the 2009 Nissan.


  15. It is unbelievable….they have ruined their brand in my opinion. It needs to be a lifetime recall. I guess we just had not driven as many miles as the rest that were still covered under the “extended warranty” that they issued.

  16. April 10, 2017 I want to join the fight. My 2009 Altima has less than 80,000 k on it and I became the victim of this nightmare. Back on March 9th of 2017 it was one windy cold day in Winnipeg. I drove my Altima to the grocrey store to pick up a few bags of groceries. When I came out of the store and tried to start the car I was surprised to find out that it did not respong at all when I pushed the start button. After freezing in the wind trying to start it I finally decided to call CAA and got it towed to the service station I use for oil changes . Then I took my grocery bags and halled the to a bus stop as no one was vailable to pick me up. Much to my surprise I find out that it will cost about $1,600.00 after tax to fix it. So I needed the car and I said go ahead. I picked up the car when it was fixed and on the way home a light went on that I should see if it had been a recall. Thats when I learned about this being a huge problem for many people all over North America. I also sent a registered letter to the Canadian President of Nissan. I have not heard boo from them even though I sent a copy of the paid invoice from the repair shop with it. About a week later I phoned some Nissan Rep whose name was on the internet and was going to field concerns on this subject. I got an answering machine and left a message. Not a peep from him either. Nissan could have fixed this years ago for pennies compared to what I had to pay, just by doing the ethical and fair thing. Recall it.

    I will be happy to send you a copy of this Paid invoice if it helps.

    Thanks, Verne McKernan

  17. Bottom line is that NISSAN does not care that it left people stranded…NO MORE NISSANS for me…..I have had a Nissan for the last 30 years…

  18. I had similar experience in October, 2016 — the Electronic Steering Column Lock (ESCL) problem. I called Nissan custom service and to no avail. Recently, I received a letter from Nissan to the effect that Nissan is trying to solve this problem via a reimbursement form.
    I submitted the materials as they required but I have not received the reimbursement yet. If anyone received theirs, please let us know so that I know if I need to call them to follow-up.

  19. My 2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid has the same issue. It happened before, and was towed to dealership, they changed ESCL at around 60,000 miles. A few month ago, there was a service campaign calling change it for free. I went to the dealership and have it changed again. But now it happens again. The wheel locked, the car won’t start. I have to schedule a tow back to the dealership and have them replace.

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