Petition Submitted to: Nissan Motor Company. Please recall the 2009 Nissan Altima to replace defective Steering Lock Systems

If you or anyone you know have ever been affected by this issue please sign the following online petition.  Please share this with anyone you know who owns this vehicle or with friends and family on social networks such as twitter, facebook, etc.  Hopefully we can get enough support to drive Nissan into making the right decision to recall their vehicles with the defective steering lock.

Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO
Brian Carolin, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Frédérique Le Grèves, Vice President of Corporate Communications
Please demonstrate your respect for customer safety and recall the 2009 Nissan Altima to replace the defective Steering Lock System which is leaving your customers stranded.

[Your name]

I appreciate your support!  By standing together we are defending our fellow consumers against corporate decisions which put us all at risk.


–Zane Perry

Update 3/6/16:

After learning that the Warranty has been discontinued as of January 1st 2016 I have learned that everyone’s only hope is to file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety administration. This is step one to teiggering a recall. Make sure you detail the dangers of this defect (e.g if the defect happened in the wild you could have died). If enough people share this level of detail they may open an investigation on this issue and demand a recall. If a recall is performed all users who paid for the repair will be refunded. Here is the form. Anyone can submit so have all members of your family at risk due to this issue submit.


39 thoughts on “ Petition Submitted to: Nissan Motor Company. Please recall the 2009 Nissan Altima to replace defective Steering Lock Systems

  1. Here is my story. Nissan is in the wrong here and needs to do something for its loyal customers.

    On Dec 25, 2013 my 2009 Nissan Altima would not start. I was able to unlock/lock the vehicle doors with the FOB (free on board) key, however the vehicle wouldn’t unlock and allow me to compress the brake to start the vehicle. Since all establishments were closed for the holidays I found a temporary solution to the problem with the help of the internet. I was stranded in a parking lot with limited lighting. However, I was able to locate a temporary solution online which stated that it might be possible to tap the steering lock device underneath the steering column while attempting to start (push button) the vehicle. After about 30 seconds the vehicle unlocked and I was able to start it. After doing some research it was evident that other Nissan owners were having a similar problem and Nissan had extended their warranty on this part. That said, Nissan was not recalling the vehicles to have this part replaced. Essentially, their product would first need to fail in order for Nissan to replace it.
    After calling a Nissan Dealership to have the part replaced they confirmed that Nissan had extended their warranty on this product. Upon making an appointment for a Monday at 8am, I was set to have the part replaced. Over the next few days I was left with the prospect that this issue could arise again at any point in time leaving me stranded for an extended period of time. Not a comfortable situation to be in. Thankfully, each time I attempted to start the vehicle the steering lock unlocked and I was able to start the engine. I was looking forward to having the part replaced relieving me of this level of uncertainty each time I entered my vehicle.
    Upon arriving at the Nissan dealership they informed me that they would replace the part and be in touch with me upon completion. After some time I was contacted and informed that the part was not failing at the moment and that they would be unable to replace it at this time. They stated that there was no way for them to prove that the part had actually failed or that it was defective at this time. I was incredibly disappointed. I was able to contact Nissan Canada to express my frustration to their customer relations department. However, they stated they were unable to do anything for me at this time. I would need to provide the vehicle and specific part in a non-working condition. Essentially, if the part was working intermittently and if it worked at the time of assessment by one of the Nissan dealerships, I was out of luck. I would have to wait for the part to fail then have the vehicle transported to a dealership at that time.
    Currently I am in a standstill, waiting anxiously for the failure to occur at a time when I am not stranded in a precarious situation, or worse, if my fiancé is left stranded with the car potentially without mobile phone service.
    Essentially, I am asking Nissan Canada to replace the part and relieve me of the uncertainty of a potentially dangerous situation. Living in Canada there are factors to consider such as the weather if one of my loved ones was to become stranded in an area with limited mobile phone service. Nissan Canada needs to consider this to a valued customer.
    At this point in time I am very unhappy with Nissan Canada and demand a solution to this predicament. If it requires someone to have to suffer being stranded in a very serious situation I believe this to be absolutely irresponsible. Nissan Canada, please proactively take responsibility and stand by your product replacing defective units before facing potentially serious consequences.

    Hopeful Nissan Owner

    • Hi my name is Mike Streeter,

      I currently own 2 Nissans and my wife and I love to drive them.

      about 3 weeks ago I had my steering lock go out on me in the grocery store parking lot. We were working with Nissan Consumer Affairs to try to work the issue out. Their resolution was that I didn’t have the correct VIN # that would classify my car to receive a recall for the Steering Lock. I had my car towed to a Nissan Dealership and they said They stopped issuing a warranty on the part in January. I was told by the service department that it would take them 2 hours to place 2 screws into the box that is located underneath my steering wheel. Needless to say it will cost me close to $1000.00 to fix my car.

      I feel this is unacceptable and that there should be a resolution made here.

  2. I had my 2009 Nissan Altima towed to the dealership and i threatened legal action because they told me my warranty had expired and it would be $1300. The following morning they called me to pick up my car and this was exactly the problem. There were no charges. Im not sure as to why they didn’t charge me if threatening legal action worked or not. Good Luck to all of you i hope you have the same luck!

    • i filed a complaint with the website you provided. there isn’t much information/uprisings for us cube drivers, even though i’ve found a lot of us are having the same issues. :/

      • Had the same problem yesterday, Nissan won’t cover it..towed it to my mechanic here in Seattle, it took him about 15 mnts to disable the lock system, he did not put it back like it was before; that should prevent it from locking up again I hope. Cost me less than 1% of what dealership would charge since I knew the mechanic for over 15 years .
        Do Not Go to dealership they will charge you at least $1000 and repair time about two weeks, my car starts and that is all I care about right now.Good Luck
        Look up Japanese Motors on Aurora and 98th st and ask for Adam if you are in Seattle

  3. I had the same issue you are all talking about..the steering lock. My tow truck driver looked it up online and the site gave him directions on how to start my 2009 Altima. He then showed me and when I got home I looked it up online to be sure I got the directions straight. Below the directions was mentioned an extended warranty on the problem. I dropped the vehicle off at the dealer I purchased it from. Told the service advisor the problem and also about the extended warranty. He said they would check into it and look for a code in the system. I thought, this is it I bet they don’t find a code. I have worked in GM dealers for may years – in service. I can’t tell you how many times the codes were not stored. Well, the service advise called me, told me the code was stored and they would replace the steering lock actuator at no charge. Incidentally, there is a 5 year unlimited mileage on the extend warranty. Nissan should really make it into a recall because too many people have had this problem. I received prompt service from Bettera Nissan in Auburn, MA and no hassle. Too bad all the Nissan dealers weren’t like them.

  4. Cindy in Dallas, Texas….same story…2009 Nissan Altima….locked up on me and I couldn’t afford the costly replacement so we had to go for over 3 weeks asking for rides & public transportation, which public transportation isn’t bad but I care for my elderly disabled mother so this became a major issue when it came to having to arrange transportation to doctor visits and just everyday errands…

  5. Apparently these cars are garbage. I knew I should have bought a Toyota instead of a piss on customer service sucks they want to just take you for your money problems they won’t fix does it matter how many people complain about it they don’t seem to do shit. Then you buy the vehicle with only 61,000 miles on it figure out okay this cars got at least another 50k 60k and if multiple people complain about the same thing you think it’d be a “RECALL”

  6. Thank you for taking up this cause. This happened to me couple of days ago and I am still trying to figure out my options as my car wouldn’t start. I am the original owner of the car and called my dealer but they don’t even know there is such documented defect with this model – strange. It is very hard to swallow this repair cost which is clearly defect on part of Nissan. I am really disappointed in Nissan and I will remember how Nissan operates.

    • My dealer fixed my issue at no cost. I would push on the dealer. I got nowhere with corporate even though I spoke to a manager there. Email me if I can help in any way and may God grant favor with your car.

      • Thanks, I asked my original dealer (Nissan of Tewksbury) but they were extremely lousy. They didn’t even know such a problem exist with 09 Altima which amazed me and arguing with them would be fruitless.

        Thankfully Kelly Nissan of Woburn had good knowledge of this problem and I have to pay $900 from my pocket to fix the issue. I called Nissan this morning to reimburse me and they seem to be helpful. I think the fact you guys went through this ordeal may have soften the ground for us – I hope. They told me someone will call me on Monday to follow up but at least they were not dismissive of my claim at this point. They said they will confirm the repair with the dealer and get back to me which make sense. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. i am currently having his same problem with my ’09 cube. any resolutions to what’s been going on other than paying to have the known, faulty part replaced?

    • I did the same repair yesterday and it costed me $900 from my pocket. I have filed a claim with Nissan, you might have to do the same thing.

      My suggestion is to make sure to do you repair at Nissan dealership and than call (1800 Nissan1), press 7 and tell the guy what has happened.

  8. I just had this part fail on my yesterday. I originally thought it was low battery in my FOB. I spent four hours walking around to three different drug stores and taking a bus two a fourth in a different neighborhood. Finally found a battery for my FOB. Walked back to my car. Tried to start the car again, and nothing happened. Had to take the bus home. Called my garage. Got the car towed this morning. My garage called me and told me that the problem was with the steering lock. Recommended I call Nissan factory to try to get it taken care of, because apparently he knows it’s a common problem too, and it should be covered. I’m taking car to dealer tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted on how it all works out.

    • Update 3/6/16:

      After learning that the Warranty has been discontinued as of January 1st 2016 I have learned that everyone’s only hope is to file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety administration. This is step one to teiggering a recall. Make sure you detail the dangers of this defect (e.g if the defect happened in the wild you could have died). If enough people share this level of detail they may open an investigation on this issue and demand a recall. If a recall is performed all users who paid for the repair will be refunded. Here is the form. Anyone can submit so have all members of your family at risk due to this issue submit.

      • I just had this problem happen to my 2009 Altima yesterday (4/10/16) and had it towed to a Nissan dealer today. They are charging me $1,045 to fix the steering lock assembly. Said it was a short that caused it to malfunction. What a gyp. I’m glad to find this webpage to know that it’s a common problem and someone has been fighting it, though it’s sad to hear that Nissan discontinued the warranty just 4 months ago so I’m out of luck. I would be very appreciative to know if anyone else has had any success in getting Nissan to pay for this.

      • My dealer Newton Nissan South covered my repairs. Nissan HQ did not help at all.

        I wrote a summary here, this was in a tweet to NissanUSA:

        Maybe you could mention to your dealer that other dealers are fixing this. They can call and discuss with Newton Nissan if they want: +1 (931) 684-6811


    • Good news – After my incident of the steering wheel locking up, I wrote to Nissan USA customer service ( explaining in detail my situation. i wrote it in a friendly but firm tone, and asked for a reimbursement of the amount I paid to my local dealer. They actually replied within about a week, asked me for proof of payment, and surprisingly reimbursed my full amount within a few weeks. They were very friendly throughout the process. I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised at their good customer service.

      • You are the exception , not the rule, Nissan was very rude to us on the phone
        , I fixed the probelm on my own, very easy fix have 2 ways to fix it look on utube or buy the box on amazon and install yourself very easy

  10. Nancy M
    I have a 2009 Nissan Altima and the same thing happened to me on October 3. 2016 at 6:00 pm. I had driven my car a couple of hours earlier to have it inspected in order to get my license plate renewed. I returned home and parked the car in my driveway. At 6:00 pm, I returned to my car to take my son to work but the car would not start. My son was unable to make it to work. I depressed the brake pedal and pushed the start button, nothing happened. I was getting a key display on my dashboard. I put the Intelligent Key in the key port, nothing happened and I changed the batteries in both Intelligent Keys and still nothing. I had the car towed to the Nissan dealer the next morning and I was told it was the steering lock and that it would cost $1,069.90. The part costs $697.00 and the rest was labor. That total does not include shop fees and taxes. I was also told that they could not fix it this day because they do not have the part, but it should be ready the next day, October 5, 2016 (which happens to be my birthday – Happy Birthday to me). They said someone could give me a ride home or I could rent a car and I said who is paying for that because I am not.. I told them that car was my main means of transportation and I would be unable to get back to get the car when it is completed. They said they would pay for the rental car, that was the least they could do.

    I thought about what happened and I was thankful that the car did not quit on me while I was at the inspection center and I made it home. I could have been somewhere stranded on a remote road where there are deers and other wild animals or anywhere far away from home. I guess someone was looking out for me and I am so glad I was at home when it happened. I was hoping the problem was minor, but it seems it never is with Nissan.

    A repair of this nature should be recalled. Do we really know that the problem is really this major and we are being charged for something that really is minor but charged major prices.

  11. I am over 200 miles away from my home. My 2009 Nissan, which was my favorite vehicle, wouldn’t start. No warning, no indication, just wouldn’t start. I had it towed to a service station only to find out that they can’t fix the problem and I need to go to a dealer shop. Luckily (thank god they were honest and didn’t milk me just to tell me at the end that’s all they can do), the tow truck hasn’t left and we went on to the dealership Nissan. Found out that its the steering lock. I bought an extended coverage with Empire Consumer Services and quickly found out that it’s not covered and my bill is over $1000. I read all the comments of this problem on the Internet and see how unethical Nissan is by only covering this huge problem to 2015 with an extended warranty (which I bought at a high price when I purchased this vehicle – a complete waste of my money) Nissan knew of this problem and will not place it on a recall list so that the steering lock would be replaced. My vehicle is out of commission!!!!! I’m stranded in another town (having to surrender to the high cost at the dealership ). I can’t go to work Luckily I’m not stuck out in the country somewhere with a dead cell phone. I saw u-tube videos and my son could had fixed this!!!! I’m very upset !!! I loved my Nissan. I guess that I should had researched better when buying Nissan. So, Nissan step up ownership and responsibilities AND make your wrong good !!!! Greed will not get you more customers.
    I called Nissan and have a case #. Will see what happens, but I’m not confident to see them reimburse me

    • When I attempted to work with Nissan Corp directly it did not turn out well and I published in response to that bad experience:

      If you bought it from a Nissan dealer go back to them and see if they will help. My Nissan dealer fixed the issue for free which was a relief after the experience I had with corp.

      I just went back on auto market and switched to Honda Accord. We’re a Honda family at heart. This experience def. played a role in that.

    • Thank you for your information. I called 877-667-4265. Was told that 5 attorneys are looking at this problem. I have a relative and her friend had the same issue with her 2009 Altima Nissan. But she was reimbursed about half of her expense. When I called Nissan Consumer Affairs, I was told that there is nothing they can do for me because I am past the service date.

  12. If interested in a class action lawsuit, google Chimicles & Tikellis Nissan defective steering column. They need enough interested parties to express interest in joining.

  13. I just received a notice from Nissan North American offering to provide a free fix for this steering wheel lock problem. And for anyone who already paid to have it fix earlier, they will provide a full refund. For questions, call 1-800-NISSAN1.

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