2009 Nissan Altima Steering Lock Issue Forum & Issue Register Index

I figured I would would take a moment to document forms currently documenting this issue.  I will register to each and post a link back here to attempt to locate more people with this issue.  It is crazy how many people are saying the exact same thing.

  • Stranded
  • Towed to Nissan
  • Faulty Steering Lock
  • $900-$1200

Forums – 24 Possible Users Affected

http://forums.nicoclub.com/intelligent-key-issue-will-not-start-t550340.html (Posted:  01/2012  [Users affected:  10+])

http://www.nissanclub.com/forums/2007-2012-nissan-altima-discussion-2-5-3-5/302234-2010-altima-steering-lock-mechanism.html (Posted:  03/2010  [Users affected:  5])

http://x.nissanhelp.com/forums/altima/8879-keyless-start-problem.html (Posted:  2008 [6 Pages.  Multiple models affected.  Multiple users])

http://www.altimaforums.net/intelligent-key-system-help-t5365.html (Posted:  12/2011  [3 Pages.  5+ Users])

http://x.nissanhelp.com/forums/altima/23802-car-wont-start-steering-wheel-not-locked.html (Posted:  11/2012  [4 Users])

Nissan 370 Z with this same issue



Issue Registers – 379 Possible Users Affected

http://www.arfc.org/complaints/2009/nissan/altima/steering/problem.aspx – 208

http://www.truedelta.com/Nissan-Altima/problems-222/2009 – 8

http://www.carcomplaints.com/Nissan/Altima/2009/electrical/car_wont_start_key_anti-theft_light_blinking.shtml – 20

http://www.carproblemzoo.com/nissan/altima/steering-problems.php – 143

Update 3/6/16:

After learning that the Warranty has been discontinued as of January 1st 2016 I have learned that everyone’s only hope is to file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety administration. This is step one to teiggering a recall. Make sure you detail the dangers of this defect (e.g if the defect happened in the wild you could have died). If enough people share this level of detail they may open an investigation on this issue and demand a recall. If a recall is performed all users who paid for the repair will be refunded. Here is the form. Anyone can submit so have all members of your family at risk due to this issue submit.



14 thoughts on “2009 Nissan Altima Steering Lock Issue Forum & Issue Register Index

  1. 03/14/2013
    Same for me…stranded…towed…car at dealership now….this happened this morning…2009 Altima….will keep you posted on what dealership tells me….expecting a call in the morning

      • Sorry to hear Tammy,

        I have not had a chance to take my car in. It still has not locked up again but I hate driving anywhere knowing that it could happen at any time.

        Ask them to explain to you what caused the steering lock to fail. Ask them what the part number is of the unit that failed. Ask them for the part number of the item which they are installing as a replacement part. This is the data we need to make a case.

  2. 03/19/2013
    Well I just got a phone call from Nissan Dealership…Good news and bad news….My car will not be ready today as promised…part is in but most likely will be ready tomorrow…Good News…In the last couple of days Nissan has realized there is a problem with that part on other cars also and decided to pay for the job….It is going to cost me 0.00….God is so good….I prayed about this and God answered…. To God Be The Glory!!!!!

  3. Same problem. I have a 2009 Nissan Altima. Car would not start. Paid a locksmith $140 to tell me it was the steering lock mechanism. Had car towed to Nissan dealer. They advised my extended warranty expired 1/29/15. The cost quoted to repair is $1,038. Completely unfair.

  4. Same problem with mine. As a single mom I was stranded and had to have my car towed to the Dealer. They didn’t even look at it and said that it was the steering lock mechanism. 1016.00 have to pay because my 6 year warranty ran out 6/25/15. Nissan should be ashamed that they are taking advantage of so many people.

    • You all should just go onto Amazon and buy the part for 359, and put it in yourself or just bypass it , UTube tells you how to by pass it. don’t get rippped off by these asshole dealers, they are just lookin to make a buck and Nissan corp. is sitting back laughing

      • Wish I would have known. I have already been long ripped off by the dealer. Good to hear someone found away around this massive rip-off by Nissan.

  5. I took my car to John Lee Nissan to be service for the Recall in 2013 when my car will not start becuse of the Electronic Steering Column Lock and argued with them for 3 weeks before they release my car to me because they sent a letter to a friend and she made a copy for me and release my car to me.4 years later my steering column has locked again and Nissan is saying because of the warranty is out and the mileage but it was not under warranty when they fix the Recall of the ESCL the first time.but now they want me to pay for the malfunction of their product. I am total disappoint.

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